Modo Berlin | Advanced Collections
Modo Berlin is a hair salon located on Auguststrasse in Berlin Mitte. The perfect combination of form, colour and style satisfies our mission to create individual hand-crafted looks.
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Advanced Collections


The 2015 Advanced Collection “Black Spring” from the team at MODO Berlin is dedicated to the deepest depths of beauty. For the first time, the collection focuses not on the wearable interpretation of an artistic tendency, but rather on distinctiveness and originality. The team celebrates depth and emotion and dares to look behind the façade no matter how deep the abyss, or how disturbing the emotion might be. In this collection, the hairstyles are simply a frame for the emotions of their wearers. Dark feelings such as sadness, fright and distress stand at the centre.

The current Advanced Collection is inspired by a fashion show: 15 years ago, Alexander McQueen presented a shocking, and now legendary, show in which the models walked about in a sealed glass case, disoriented and disturbed. The show concluded by revealing a woman surrounded by moths in the middle of the stage.

This year MODO Berlin seeks to make a statement which goes beyond the borders of the ordinary and beautiful, because beyond the abyss which divides the beautiful from the distressing are the stories written by real life.

Black Spring Maria

The new collection “Moll” from the team at MODO Berlin offers a stylish modern update on the classic bob. The variations are inspired by the “molls”, the lady gangsters in three legendary films: Léon: The Professional, Pulp Fiction and Scarface. The designs from MODO Berlin run from a severe bob with lengths à la Mia in Pulp Fiction, a more rebellious style with a short fringe and a shorter length, like Mathilda in Leon: The Professional, and an elegant, soft cut as worn by Elvira in Scarface. All of the cuts offer the versatility and popularity that made the bob into a classic hairstyle. Through the combination of hair length and fringe, alongside a personal colour concept, the styles can be used to complement individual facial features and accentuate the personality.


The team at MODO Berlin once again has taken a renowned example as orientation for its latest collection. The work of the architect and architecture professor Zaha Hadid has inspired the stylists to a surprisingly dynamic collection of cuts. In particular, the daring structure of the BMW plant in Leipzig designed by Zaha Hadid influenced the development of the new cuts. The dynamic form of the distorted rectangle, as is impressively shown in the building in Leipzig, stands for the interaction of the fringe and side sections in MODO Berlins new collection. The right angle is no longer present as a geometric element but instead flows into a new form, creating a fluent dynamism. This dynamism is continued by the colouring technique. Layers of colour are worked in to the hair so that, as the hair moves, the appearance of the cut never stays the same and is always dynamic. This realignment and transformation of cut and colour is shown in the new collection from the house of MODO Berlin.


MODO Berlins new collection, “Firebird”, is inspired by the speed, design and powerful elegance of the American “muscle cars”, resulting in a collection of cuts that are quick to style and which also reflect the strength of the applied technique. The hairstyles evoke the profile of a true “muscle car”: The back of the head has been cut short and compact, reflecting the short rear end of the car. The softly flowing roof of the car inspires the line of the cut on the crown, while a long fringe matches the extended bonnet of the racing car.

The colour department has experimented extensively and professionally with the elegant rally stripes of the cars to create expressive, modern and wearable colour designs. The cuts are designed for customers who value the technical know-how of the team at MODO Berlin just as much as their innovation and attention to a harmonious final result.


Theo Jansen, who comes from the Netherlands, creates kinetic artworks which have nature as a model. A trained physicist, he combines art and science in his work, creating surprisingly mobile figures that can move on their own, helped only by wind power. An ingenious mix of lightweight materials and intelligent connections enable the impressive mobility of his sculptures, without electricity or a motor.

In its first collection, MODO Berlin presents haircuts which are defined by lightness, wearability and complexity, all at the same time. Just as in Jansen’s artworks, at MODO Berlin it is a matter of a finely-wrought mixture. The carefully considered combination of cut and colour with the natural characteristics of the hair creates movement and multiple facets. The details of the style only show themselves in movement.